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brand introduction
Brand concept: customer first, quality first, staff first, taste first

2010 The first Gulin tea shop opened 2011 The first cooperative store opened [Guru started the chain business model] After a year and a half of rectification and taste breakthroughs, the Gulin tea franchise store was upgraded to the second generation, and the single store was opened every day The Cup exceeded 1,000 cups in 2012. With 27 branches, it began to go out of Taizhou to carry out the second reform for the country and smoothly upgrade the third generation. A single store in one day broke the cup by 1500 cups. In 2013, it has 59 branches, covering 100 stores in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Henan and other places. The franchise fee is favored by the franchisees. There are more than 300 stores in 2015. Sky Cup broke 2100 cups in 2016, 700 stores nationwide, 2017 1,000 stores nationwide! 2018 1700 stores nationwide! 2019 2,000 stores nationwide!

How much is the initial fee
Application for joining
How much is the initial fee
How much is the initial feeHow much is the initial fee
How much is the initial feeHow much is the initial fee

Small footprint
12㎡ can open shop

Gulin Tea has a professional beverage research and development team, a perfect supply chain system and a quality control system, and one cup per day is not too tired to drink.

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Our news
Our news
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Gulin milk tea joining process
  • Affiliate Consulting
  • Information Request
  • Visit the head office to determine the intention of joining
  • Sign the lease contract
  • Site selection and market assessment
  • Store opening plan
  • Normal operation
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